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Eliminate the root causes of stoppages, fine-tune your production lines, increase production output, automate your labeling process, and simply run your business better.

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Ilabo Avon Case Study

Case study - AVON

Flexibility and real-time response to the changes in the market” – this is what modern manufacturing needs and what triggered AVON to search for a modern production monitoring platform. Ilabo with its PackOS software proved that it was the right choice.

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We are extremely data-rich as a business, and now thanks to ilabo and their LogiX platform we have access to all our manufacturing data that we needed, at the time we need it.

LogiX provides us with the data directly from the production machines and transforms it into a valid information that is presented within a clean User Interface. Instead of discussing opinions about our processes, we now discuss the facts and figures, which gives us the knowledge we needed to better drive our OEE performance and improve our business.

Barney Carter
Digital Transformation Lead, Europe Reckitt Group PLC


We have been focusing on optimizing the performance of our production lines for some time now, and there is a tipping point which is sometimes hard to realise – we think we have all the data, we think we have all the information, and it’s difficult to imagine it could be better than this, but it can.

LogiX helps us to realise WHY our performance is good and WHY our performance is bad, based on transparent data that we can trust.

At the end of the day, we can consciously use this knowledge to take the right decisions.”

Paweł Popławski
Senior Manager Engineering & Facility, AVON Operations Polska

Top-10 Pharma Manufacturer in the world

One of the key measures in manufacturing is OEE that helps to track and manage asset performance in terms of equipment availability, quality, and production output.

Instead of using various standalone solutions for OEE and monitoring of equipment and energy consumption that might be in use at production sites and that often include manual collection and data processing in Excel, we were looking for a standard solution to capture, process, and report on key performance metrics at a local level and as automated as possible.

In order to be able to do this, we chose the LogiX system for all our production sites worldwide.”

MES and Automation Manager, Top-10 Pharma Manufacturer in the world


Performance of the production line is equally important for both, its users and its producers. At Unilogo Robotics we design and provide flexible production lines that are able to support multiple formats and shorten the time of changeovers.

In order to support our clients in driving the performance of their production assets, all our lines are equipped with LogiX system, which offers an easy access to live production data and set of reports that allow to see the production numbers and figure out how to improve them.

This understanding helps us to better serve our clients.”

Tomasz Nowacki
CEO of Unilogo Robotics / Managing Partner of U2 Robotics Group

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