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We are specialists in operating technology – we create software supporting industrial and business processes.

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We separated ILABO from the UNILOGO structures in 2010. We reshaped it as a company specialized in production area software solutions, where we inherited UNILOGO’s 12 years of experience in solving factory problems. Our most significant implementations are corporate ones in Labeling&Trace (Carlsberg, Unilever) and production monitoring and automatic quality control.

In 2015 we integrated all scattered modules from different implementations into one coherent production management system- SmartMES.

In the next phase, we expanded it to the module of production planning- Advanced Planning. Since this is our original platform, we have the complete ability to adapt the system to the specificities of the market. However, we are listening to the customer’s needs and expanding the functionality of the SmartMES system instead of building dedicated and closed solutions. We also provide R&D. In 2013, we received funding for an innovative project in production reporting using CloudComputing and are currently researching the modern form of data visualization on the production floor.

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Ilabo Software
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LogicPRINT – solution for labell printing and finished good reporting


Production Monitoring and Reporting System in Azure Cloud


SmartMES solution
is launched

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LogiX production improvement and OEE monitoring platform


Self Learing Factory (SLF) concept kickoff

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ilabo leadership team

Dariusz Dąbrowski

Dariusz Dąbrowski

CEO - Product Development

Dariusz Karwasiński

Dariusz Karwasiński

COO - Sales & Marketing

Jan Dąbrowski

Jan Dąbrowski

Head of Development

Michał Kaczurba

Michał Kaczurba

Sales Director

Piotr Wierzchowski

Piotr Wierzchowski

Chief Solution Architect

Bernard Kycler

Bernard Kycler

PMO Leader

Rafał Płoski

Rafał Płoski

Marketing Manager

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Logix 3.10

Logix 3.10

Classifications One of the challenges in implementing a universal platform in a given organization is adapting it to its specific requirements without sacrificing overall consistency. This applies to both the application interface and data organization. In the domain...

LogiX 3.9

LogiX 3.9

New designs with working on Downtimes Our solution combines 'Work spectrum' and 'Downtimes' views into a single focused view.This approach creates a simple go-to place for anyone interested in downtimes.  Work spectrum view is almost identical, but now allowing...

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