Replace your paper and excel to PackOS in 1 minute. How to operate with manual way of working in production monitoring.

Ilabo team
February 23, 2023
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Replace your paper and excel to PackOS
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In production tracking, paper and excel are still considered easy to use, cost-effective and widely used. However, the question is whether paper and excel are accurate enough and are the best solution for today’s manufacturers?

Imagine that we simply throw out the paper and give operators access to direct registering production data in the system instead of writing down on the paper. It is simple like Facebook and it helps operators as they have access to instant hints on how to solve a given problem. Moreover the results are instantly visible in whole plant network, for shift and production managers,  and headquarters for corporate worldwide deployment.

PackOS is available in the same way as Facebook in AppStore and AndroidStore, or can be accessed via any web browser.

Benefits of using PackOS instead of paper and excel 

  1. Less human errors
  2. More data reliability
  3. Plenty of embedded reports 
  4. Standardized way of working
  5. Ready to automate breakdown registration

Why PackOS is the first choice platform?

As we have already mentioned using paper or excel does not give you anything but unanalyzed data. What’s more, we can’t always rely 100% on the accuracy of this data, nor can we easily analyze it. Therefore, PackOS is the right choice if you want reliable data that can be easily analyzed. After entering or importing the production data, operators and managers will quickly gather the knowledge to make the right decisions.

Manufacturers will see what OEE or production output was reached by a given shift or how long the production lasted. They will check such data as availability, performance, or quality of the production right from the cloud dashboard. They will track the daily, weekly, monthly, etc. numbers to know if they met the plan. Finally, they will analyze how the shop floor operates at the current moment. All thanks to software designed precisely to quickly analyze and get the relevant data. 

What are the main benefits of using PackOS?

Greater data transparency. Analyzing production efficiency for one or more lines at the same time. Possibility to change counter numbers while order is still running.

Lines view manual way of working

Analyzing and comparing the effectiveness of the shifts.

Comparison of shifts in manufacturing plant

Tracking changes, declines, and anomalies in OEE, on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

OEE historical analysis

Work spectrum tracking for lines, orders, or selected periods including tracking changeover times.

work spectrum with manual way of working