Standardization and reliability for Carlsberg

February 17, 2022
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About Carlsberg

Carlsberg Group is the world’s fourth largest brewing company. It employs over 40 thousand people in 50 countries. In Poland it has been established in 2001, after the fusion of breweries in Brzesk, Szczecin, Sierpc and Wrocław as Carlsberg Okocim. It was a beginning of a new, joined history and a beginning of a new group, as of 2004 known as Carlsberg Polska. Nowadays Carlsberg Polska is the third largest brewing company on the polish market.

Objectives of the implementation process

During the business model reconstruction process the customer required in several sites in Europe implementation of solution that met some crucial requirements:

  • Automatic and reliable reporting of manufactured goods to several different external systems (SAP, Astro)
  • Support for the labelling process – automatic and manual generation of logistic labels for a variety of labelling equipment (Unilogo, Domino, Mectec, VideoJet, Intermec, Cab and more)
  • Implementation not requiring additional costs related to a need to change or purchase new equipment
  • Very high availability and contiuity of operations: offline and online working (data processed on the server or on computers distributed around production lines)
  • Fast and efficient system maintenance available 24/7 (Carlsberg’s system is marked as CRITICAL)

Overview of the solution applied

The goal of the project was to implement a consistent (standardized) solution in all of the European countries. As the provider for the aforementioned solution Carlsberg chose ILABO and our SmartMES Labelling&Trace module. The project has been divided into waves and in each consecutive wave solution was implemented in different countries. This process allowed the system to be extended to include processes specific for each localization (for example repacking – so called dollies in Finland). This way every implementation allowed the system to be perfected, creating new versions as it continued. In order to obtain standardization, final version of our solution is already implemented in all 15 plants over 8 countries.

Project in numbers

  • 8 countries
  • 15 factories
  • 800 000 labels/month
  • 6 400 000 records in the history pallets per month
  • 32 000 000 records in the table with pallets data per month

flow LP Carlsberg

Achieved benefits

  • Ensuring continuity and uniqueness (full control) of SSCC numbers and history (track & trace).
  • Unification of all labeling devices in all of the factories (common interface for all the operators, regardless of the device).
  • Standardized, credible and reliable reporting of manufactured goods to the central SAP system, storage systems and systems for automatic pallet transport on the plant.
  • High availability and continuity of the systems functioning through to online/offline mechanism (work possible on servers or workstations with data caching).
  • Management of specific processes in on common syst6em (for example repacking, dollies registration, half pallet marking, empties marking, BIB/MEGABIB, KEGs labelling).
  • Possibility to introduce additional pallet control through scanning gates.
  • Access to status history and pallet hierarchy (for example for repacking – parent pallet-child pallet history created) via website.
  • In each country interface available in the local language.
  • Possibility to automatically generate and send reports.