Polish Championship 2022 1/2 IM at IRONMAN 70.3 Poznań

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September 27, 2022
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Szala 1/2 IM Poznan 2022
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The Polish Championship Poznań 2022 1/2 IM is a triathlon competition with a distance of 1900m of swimming, 90km of cycling and 21.1km of run. The competition will offer a slot for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

Tomasz Szala took 3rd place:

  • swim: 25:47 / T1: 4:36
  • bike: 2:05:03 / T2: 00:59
  • run: 1:17:05
  • total: 3:53:30
Tomasz Szala 1/2 IM Poznań

Long story short

There wasn’t much time for solid training, which doesn’t change the fact that third place is gratifying, especially with such strong competitors.

The swim went relatively well. I purposely swam in a bike suit so as not to waste time putting it on later. Upon reaching T1, I couldn’t find my bike helmet. At first I thought someone had accidentally taken it. After a few minutes of searching and involving volunteers, it turned out that the helmet had been knocked down inside the equipment rack.

The first part of the bike was fast (anger from the T1 zone added strength). In the second part the headwind and lack of training made their presence known, my speed dropped. I finished the bike in 8th-9th position. The run was decent, but I was not able to give 100% of me.

“I am satisfied with the medal, and the situation in the T1 zone would have had absolutely no effect on its color…”

Enea Poznań 70.3 Tomek Szala