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December 08, 2022
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One of the challenges in implementing a universal platform in a given organization is adapting it to its specific requirements without sacrificing overall consistency. This applies to both the application interface and data organization.

In the domain of the LogiX platform examples are:

  • Machines Downtimes classification, for purpose of detailed OEE losses reporting
  • Machines Downtimes classification which guides users during downtime registration
  • Classification of machines in terms of their function or role in the production process
  • Classification of machines in terms of their mechanical or electrical characteristics

One of the new upcoming core features of the LogiX platform addressing these issues is a concept called “Classifications”. 

Intention of this functionality is to create a mechanism that allows categorization of various types of objects defined in LogiX (e.g. elements, downtime) into user-configurable structures. Such structures could be used for generating reports (e.g. machine energy report based on physical location in a factory, or downtime report broken down into factory-specific categories).

We will introduce it gradually. In the upcoming release, it will manifest as the possibility to have a specific classification for:

  • production events (“problems” in PackOS language) which will extend the build-in, standard one.
  • factory structure (i.e classification of lines alternative to default ISA-95 plant/area/line/machine structure). 

This version will not yet allow for creating and managing custom classifications from the user interface.

Plant structure

We can choose which classification we will use in ConfigHub/Plant for factory structure. In this version there’s only Default one, which is classification of lines alternative to default ISA-95 plant/area/line/machine structure.

Problems tab with new design
Problems tab with new design

Classification Company Loss Types in Problems tab
Classification Company Loss Types in Problems tab

Data exporting

In Reports there’ll be now accessible new tab called Reports Download. These exports makes use of classifications to filter, classify and aggregate assets and events.

PackOS reports from release 3.10

If we find report in which we are interested in, depending on it’s type we can choose on which data (Areas/Lines) with period and moment will be included in report.

OEE new reports in PackOS

Exported reports are always csv files.

Changes in orders creation

Right now after creating new order with no Description field, SKU Description will be used instead.


In this version using Cleaning activity is now fully accessible! To configure signals and states for a line see Line state vs Schedule.

Public API extension

Expanding existing API thanks to classifications Reporting API

Cockpit changes

Process of setting downtime’s reason, corrective action or comment is now easier. After clicking on the downtime we are interested in there is now immediately possibility to set these.