LogiX 3.12

Team ilabo
March 27, 2023
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  • Splitting downtimes functionality where it will be possible to cut downtimes in two separate ones: Downtime management – Splitting downtimes
  • Downtime Tracking – New report in the Availability section which can tell us about one particular type of downtime and show us when it was present (shift/orders/sku/hours/days)
    Reports – Availability – Downtime tracking
  • Possibility to choose custom Factory Structure Classification in OEE Details report 
  • Possibility to add and edit Additional Fields in SKU and in Orders
  • SKU Delete in bulk – you can select multiple SKUs and remove them with a single click
  • Archiving problem reason any time when you delete a reason assigned to the problem. It is not visible in the Downtime reason list when assigning new reasons, but you still can see it attached to historical downtimes. The deleted reason is also visible in the ‘States & Problems’ and ‘Detailed Events’ reports. (The same applies to corrective actions)
  • In process manual reconciliation for specific lines only – you can toggle visibility of this functionality for specific lines with a property MANUAL_WAY_OF_WORKING_ENABLED set to true
    Line properties – Manual way of working
  • Small improvement of State & Problems report to align it more with Downtimes report Reports – Availability
  • Changes in OEE Losses report:
    • Show Minor Stops filter in Performance losses where all Minor stops are aggregated

    • When selecting ‘Split by state’ or ‘Split by problem’ in Performance Losses right now Minor stops and Speed loss are visible

  • Downtimes report changes
    • fixed bug with displaying [Area / Machine] instead of [Line / Machine] on list of downtimes
    • name of the problem is always shown (even if the problem is flagged as ‘Deafult’)
    • fixed bug with not displaying root causes when on machine & line view 
    • no more color gradients in Pie chart
    • Additionally in Custom Reports when choosing ‘Downtimes’ users got the possibility to hide column/pie chart.


  • Classifications Editor which will give the possibility to add different levels and nodes set Classification for a specific plant and choose if we want it to be for Problems and/or Factory structure.
    More here > Classification Editor
  • New designs for users and roles
  • New ‘Plants’ column in ConfigHub – lets you quickly check who has access to which factory
  • Additional asset filter lets you filter users according to their access to Plant/Area/Line


  • Permissions in Cockpit – it is possible to limit access to some operations in LogiX Cockpit. Respective permissions follow the same rules as PackOS permissions.
  • Drawer functionality – in this version navigation through the application has changed from clickable tiles to drawer functionality. By clicking on the menu on the left we can not only easily go to any line in an active plant or to a different factory but also access Activities or Settings

  • Downtime selection based on custom classification

  • You can design your own step-by-step process the operator will follow when selecting a downtime. Such processes can follow your own ‘tree’, where at the end, you get a small list of downtimes to choose from. See TAXONOMY_CODE_FOR_REGISTERING_DOWNTIMES in Cockpit configuration to set it up. You can use Classification Editor to configure classifications.
  • Additional features following PackOS improvements:
    • Unification of downtime edit buttons & actions with PackOS
    • Unification of production progress bars
    • Additional downtime metadata information for each downtime is visible in the list. To keep it consistent with PackOS views
    • Shorten & splitting downtime actions
    • Displaying and editing additional fields in orders
    • In-process production reconcilliation for orders