LogiX 3.13

May 08, 2023
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New version of Andon report, accessible after setting up property for plant NEW_ANDON_SCREEN to true.

Downtime selection based on custom classification

You can design your own step-by-step process the operator will follow when selecting a downtime. Such processes can follow your own ‘tree’, where at the end, you get a small list of downtimes to choose from. To set it up we have to add TAXONOMY_CODE_FOR_REGISTERING_DOWNTIMES in plant properties and provide classification code as a value. You can use Classification Editor to configure classifications.

New filters in Work Spectrum Downtime list – by clicking on Gear icon on the Downtimes list, users got now more possibilities to find certain downtimes easier using these filters

Merged Downtime Tracking report into Availability → Downtimes, all functionalities of both reports are now in one place, more here → Reports – Availability – Downtimes view


New Navigation bar on the left side

Possibility to see Monitoring for previous shifts thanks to plant property COCKPIT_SHIFT_SWITCH_ENABLED more here → Cockpit configuration

Chosen line is now highlighted in drawer

Additional features following PackOS improvements:

  • Adding new downtime from Downtimes tab
  • Adding new order from Activities tab
  • Additional fields in Orders
  • Username visible in Comments
  • Possibility to filter downtimes depending on Corrective actions, Reasons or States in Downtimes tab
  • Before splitting downtime we can set problems for both of them