LogiX 3.2

Jan Dąbrowski
March 16, 2022
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Release Note
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Flexible differential waste calculation

To support cases when line is not emptied between orders, we introduced a new mechanisms allowing you to create a function which will responsible of determining when the differential waste should be settled: Differential waste calculation

Flow selected per SKU, per line

You can now select which flow should be activated on the line, when an order for this SKU is started.

You can still overwrite it for a particular order

flow SKU

You can also decide if an SKU can be produced on a particular line. The order form will show you only SKUs which are enabled for this line.

All new settings above are inherited from the SKU group. All inherited settings are now visible from the SKU perspective, including all line configurations settings and packing structure

If SKU group is enabled on a line, individual SKUs cannot be disabled

packing structure rows
If some packing structure rows inherited from the group are overwritten – they are crossed out

Signal form updates

When you create or update a signal, it’s easy to make a typo. PackOS will give you suggestions for signal type, unit and source URI based on the observed received tags and configured units.


Yet, you can still input a custom yet unknown value

Fixed Bugs

  • Displaying boolean signals in signal history
  • Minor signal form bugs