LogiX 3.3

Jan Dąbrowski
April 20, 2022
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Working with many activity types

PackOS can now distinguish different types of activities running on the line. Previously, it was always an order, and beginning with 3.3 the line can run:

  • Orders
  • Changeovers
  • Cleaning

Others, like ‘Maintenance’ will be introduced in the upcoming releases.

We’ve merged together the ‘Orders’ and ‘Schedule’ views, to create a single coherent view to manage line schedule and see historical activities.

activities table

activities timeline

Dashboard will display all types of running activities:

running activities

When creating orders, you can provide ‘Changeover duration’ which will plan the corresponding changeover activity.

Changeover duration

Coming soon: This form will undergo a major redesign for improved user experience.

When creating or importing orders you can also omit the ‘Line’ field, it can be filled later.

Newly created activities always go through the validation stage, which ensures that all necessary details has been provided. This is especially useful for orders imported through files or external systems – if created without some critical information (e.g. line number or SKU), orders will wait in ‘Draft’ until manually adjusted

draft view

You can see the changeover with connected order

Changeover with connected order

Coming soon: Changeover will display how much time is left, until the planned end

Coming soon: Changeover would be able to have a ‘type’

The configuration of line-level state adjustment has changed, please take a look here: Line state vs Schedule

This allows for a different state, with different impact on OEE, after the changeover exceeds its planned duration

You can now create orders without line or end-date

  • Adding orders without end-date, which will be automatically filled based on expected performance (if available)
  • Orders without line will go to ‘Draft’, and will be promoted to ‘Released’ once the line is filled

Labour productivity

Expected effort can be configured (and imported) for each SKU as man-hours / volume.
You can find an updated import files with 3.3 mark here: Preparing a Material Master Import
e.g. if 8 man-hours is needed for 10 pallets, and order is planned for equivalent of 30 pallets, 24 man-hours will be determined as ‘expected effort’ for such order.

labour productivity line configuration

Man-hours can be reported for all types of activities using the ‘Report resources’ button next to the order:

Provided labour is displayed in running & completed orders:

Provided labour

Activities tab, table view
Activities tab, table view

Public API

A major improvement to Public API brings better ownership control handling, more activity types and products dictionary.
You can read about it here: 2.8 LogiX Public API

New documentation

OEE detailed story

Mobile Cockpit Improvements

Major mobile app improvements include:

  • Ability to edit multiple downtimes at once
  • Graph of machines
  • Updated downtime edit form
  • Forms for labour & production reporting

Web Cockpit Improvements

New full-screen flow for changing downtimes

full-screen flow

Configuration visibility improvements

Under the “Production” button in the Dashboard view:

production button packos

You can now find the recent history of performances and active unit conversions.
Performance is pre-calculated to the line-level unit. This way you can easily compare that to the production volume e.g. to calculate OEE.

recent history of performances
unit corversions history.png

Handling indirect (recursive) packing structures

“BaseUnit” is gone, PackOS can now calculate indirect unit conversions automatically
If A → B and B → C is defined, PackOS will figure out A → C automatically, and block you from adding conflicting definitions

PackOS will also show inferred packing structures in the SKU user interface.

Order production settlement

Showing what counts has been rejected and why, before an order is completed

Confirmation finish order

Improvement to completed order form

The following form:

order form

Also include:

  • Summary of reported labour, with entries
  • Summary of manual production entries
  • Ability to adjust manually production / labour, for a completed order


Key bugfixes

  • Working with different timezones will not be a problem anymore