LogiX 3.5

Ilabo team
June 13, 2022
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New tags and a cleanup of problem tags

  • QualityLoss tag can be used to make some stoppages decrease quality OEE component, its duration will count as a quality loss. It’s useful when a line is stopped for product quality control
  • Planned and Unplanned tags have been renamed to UtilizationLoss and AvailabilityLoss

NoLock tag can be used to exclude some problems from “Ending ongoing downtime” behaviour. This threshold has been renamed to “Downtime counter lock”, to better capture it’s behaviour.

DiscardCounters tag replaces the “Allow production on downtime” setting. (Machine properties | Counting-OEE) PackOS will now accept production during any downtime by default, but you can explicitly decide to ignore counts on a specific downtime (e.g. during cleaning, or changeover).

Expected man-hours field

Right now expected man-hours can be provided for any activity while creating it using new fields: Expected effort for order and Expected changeover effort for their related changeover.

If left empty, expected effort for order will still be filled automatically if it was properly defined in ‘Line configuration’ for SKU.


  • Fixes for e-mail notifications


  • Overlapping counters machines view
  • Split OEE by Order/Shift report
  • Order names clipping beyond OEE chart
  • Rounding of signals values in current machine parameters

Mobile Cockpit Improvements

  • Changeovers_enabled flag. When false:
    • Changeover duration field in new order form is hidden
    • There is no “Activate button” on order list. Instead operator see “Start” button
  • Labour_enabled flag: Specifies if “Report resources” button is visible.
  • Other fixes and improvements