LogiX 3.6

July 11, 2022
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We have started to deploy version 3.6. You can check your current version after logging in and clicking on an account icon (right top corner).

If you don’t have the latest version, please wait we will update it shortly.


  • OEE report extended details table 
  • Man-hours column in import (Changeover expected man-hour and Order expected man-hour)
  • Report resources for completed changeovers/cleanings 
  • Fixed signal charts NaN value for bools
  • Fixes to OEE Losses report – right now there’ll be no downtimes counted multiple times by mistake
  • Work Calendar – displaying shifts that lasts couple days properly
  • Performance switch is cached depending on user – if on world view user chooses performance type as ‘Validated’ then it’ll be remembered until it’ll be changed
  • Importing orders validation communicates
  • Dynamic update for changeover actual effort
  • Proper rounding to two decimals after comma in Current signals on Line view 
  • Added possibility to change planned quantity on started orders


  • Current shift produced items
  • Fixed line graph between machines
  • Fixed displaying charts 
  • Fixed visibility of checkboxes on downtimes  
  • Date and Time pickers corrected  
  • More user friendly modal to choose shift/lines 
  • Animations when going between screens in app  
  • Fixed searching in downtimes on Safari 
  • Fixed crashing on ‘eye icon’ press