LogiX 3.9

Team Ilabo
December 05, 2022
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New designs with working on Downtimes

Our solution combines ‘Work spectrum’ and ‘Downtimes’ views into a single focused view.
This approach creates a simple go-to place for anyone interested in downtimes. 

Work spectrum view is almost identical, but now allowing anyone to click on the line, or a particular machine.

New designs working with downtimes

This action opens a similar view to ‘Downtimes’, for the selected line/machine:
You can still use all filters on the left, and use a zoom-in and zoom-out functionality to select a particular period of downtimes.

downtime action opens a similar view

Selecting a downtime, opens a sidebar with a summary of all details, including videos and comments.

Selecting a downtime

Selecting any part of the downtime description, opens a dedicated flow.
Selecting a problem, assigning a reason and corrective action follows a similar step-by-step flow to the one in Cockpit.

Now the operator is explicitly asked to select a line or machine in the first step.

Cockpit downtime

New design with order creation

Our solution is a step-by-step wizard which contains four (or three depending if it’s cleaning or order) stages.

It should eliminate issues with this view like:

  • User could easily lost all of their data by clicking outside new window
  • Not clear order of filling fields which is causing filling the same field couple times (e.g. choosing SKU and flow first and then choosing Line where this SKU is not configured)
  • Ambiguous which fields are mandatory and which optional
  • Possibility to notice that the ID already exists only after filling out all mandatory fields

Activities Edit mode improvement

From 3.9 version there is a possibility to work also on Activities in status Released.

Cockpit improvements

For bigger screens showing Activities list is the same as on PackOS

bigger screens for activities

Cockpit_type Machine_graph is replacing machine_graph_priority,

Changes in API for downtimes (which makes it incompatible with 3.8 version)